Mariana Koziaruk

I opened in 2009. The response has been fabulous! I have completed over countless cleanings and have grown to a very solid base of supportive clients. Customers have been glad to find my high quality service. I truly take it as a compliment when a client places trust in us to let us take care of their home. I am happy to provide cleaning services in Seattle.

At MK House CLeaning I understand that your time is important to you. I pride myself in providing you with the best clean available with minimal involvement on your part. The majority of my customers gives me a copy of their keys and leaves a credit card number on file so that I can take care of their home with no disruption to their lives. I welcome the opportunity to serve you, your friends and family with customer care that exceeds your expectations.


Frequently Asked

Yes, I bring everything I need to clean your home. You don't have to provide a thing.
No problem! I carry with them all the supplies necessary for the job, including a portable vacuum cleaner.
I bring a travel wet/dry mop (Swiffer) that can be used on non-carpeted floors.
While most of my customers prefer a weekly cleaning on a regularly scheduled day, I also clean homes every other week or less frequently. Even special occasions.
We all know moving is stressful. Combine that with all the boxes that need to be packed, furniture moved, and a long list of other preparations can be extremely time consuming. My move in/move out cleanings are designed to prepare a home for a new tenant. Please note that the move in/move out cleaning includes cleaning inside of the oven, insides of the cabinets, and inside of the refrigerator.
A deep clean is a thorough and detailed type of cleaning. It’s for customers who haven’t had their homes professionally cleaned in the past 30 days. This allows me additional time to thoroughly clean your home. On my first visit, I usually spend a bit more time to allow myself to familiarize with your home.
You do not have to be home for the cleaning. Simply leave a key under the mat, with your concierge, in the mailbox, or whatever is most convenient for you.s
Tipping is not required but is certainly appreciated.